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Txt Bck L8tr – Michigan No-Texting Laws Go Into Effect July 1st

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

The State of Michigan is Disarming Mobile Fingers!

To all text-messagers:

On April 30th, Governor Jennifer Grantholm signed the no-texting-while-driving legislative package into law. The package includes HB 4394, HB 4370, and SB468.

 HB 4394 (the principle bill) outlaws text messaging by all motorists. It is considered a primary enforcement law which discloses that the police are permitted to pull over drivers for this offense alone.

 HB 4370 is a companion bill to HB 4394 and specifies that no points will be added to a driver license for a violation of the text messaging prohibition.

SB 402, another texting-related measure, specifies that violations of the text messaging ban are not to be recorded on the driver’s master record.

Penalties include a $100 fine (first offense) and then $200.

Not only are driver’s urged to ‘click it or ticket’, now, we urge drivers to ‘Txt Bck L8tr… It’s The Law!’