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Bizarre- Allstate “study” suggests that zodiac signs show differences in accident rates. From an article in Insurance Networking News, individuals born under the sign of Virgo are 700% more likely to have an accident than those born under the sign of Scorpio. WHAT???

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

I can’t help but be appalled by this announcement from Allstate. I hope that the article from Insurance Networking News is just wrong.

As an example, of what is being alleged:

  • “…Allstate decided to compare its claims data against the revised zodiac calendar, and came to a few conclusions.  Virgos, known to be critical, meticulous and reserved, are also more likely to get into a car accident, while Scorpios are least likely. Over the past year, Virgos were nearly 700% more likely to be in a car accident when compared to the determined and aware Scorpio, the best drivers in the study.”


I still cannot find the study or even a mention of the study directly from Allstate, but these same comments were all over the news media last week.  

And now I find followup to the above referenced article where Allstate allegedly clarifies their findings. First, it says that Allstate has removed the study from their website.  Secondly, 

Yet the article linked above doesn’t even begin to suggest that they made an error in their analysis, or that the analysis was a joke. 

All I can say is that we love Virgo’s at Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency. We love Scorpio’s too. Now you see why it is really important to shop your insurance!

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Warren is glad he’s back. REALLY glad he’s back.

August 18, 2010 Leave a comment

This little story is from John Bell, one of our many great agents. There are a lot of ways that we bring value to our customers, but sometimes it just boils down to the fact that we can save you a lot of money. Such is the story of Warren. “Warren was a client of ours and last year and moved his polices to All*.  He called me a few weeks ago wanting a quote for his auto and condo. Said he was unhappy with the service and wanted to come back to Al Bourdeau Insurance.  I put together a package with Citizens.  When he called originally he did not have his current policy but last year his premium was $1,451/yr on the auto and $431 on the Condo.  My quote for the auto was $727/6 mo. or $1,054/yr  and $295 on the Condo.  The savings for both was $533 per year.  We set the appointment up last week and when he came in today, he brought his newly received auto renewal which now was $1,934.18!!  Now his total savings jumped to $1,016!!!!   He was very happy and said, “I should never have left”.  I told him that even though he left All*, he would still be in ‘good hands!’ “

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Almost $1500 in savings for BETTER COVERAGE!! Read some of the details below from one of our excellent agents.

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Almost $1500 in savings for BETTER COVERAGE!! Read some of the details below from one of our excellent agents.

“The client listed his coverage line by line from his Alls**** policy over the phone .  I discovered his Insurance Score was spotless and thought to myself, ‘this is going to be amazing’.  His home was underinsured based on MSB estimates so I raised his limit on his home. Liability limits for home were increased from $300K to $500K,  and also increased his auto policy liability 100/300 to 250/500.  I advised that he increase his deductible for comprehensive to $100 instead of his current $50, and offered Broad collision coverage instead of Regular collision which was on his current policy.  He is currently paying $1500 on the home with Alls**** – our price $517 including all these increased coverages.  He is currently paying roughly $900 every 6 months on his auto with Alls**** –  our price $1430 for 12 months and with far better coverages.  Client has been with Alls**** for over 5 years and needless to say he was ecstatic!”

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