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Home Thefts – theft from both vacant and occupied homes are chronic problems. Here are some practical tips for reduce the risk to your property.

March 21, 2012 Leave a comment

I was reading two articles this morning. One was published in the Metro Times about a 71-year old woman who stayed at her niece’s for a week only to return to find her home scrapped and destroyed. It’s a heart breaking story.

I was also reading a discussion from insurance professionals discussing the increased occurrence of illegal scrapping from construction sites and vacant buildings. The solutions discussed were not all applicable to the typical home owner or property owner.

One of the insurance professionals shared a link to an article with some excellent information that can you understand how to make your home a less interesting target. Having your home broken burglarized or vandalized is upsetting even if you have adequate insurance protection. Maybe you’ll find some useful ideas here to avoid becoming the next victim:


Some helpful tips to protect against identity theft

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment

During the holidays, it is easy to drop your guard and find yourself a victim of the ever increasing risk of Identify Fraud. Don’t wait to become a victim. There are actions you can take that can lessen the risk of being defrauded. You can further protect yourself by purchasing Identify Fraud Insurance, a type of insurance policy that pays to help you put your life back together after  being defrauded.

Below are some simple tips that can help lower your chances of being a victim!

  1. Shred any papers that have your name, address and account numbers on them, especially credit card, debit card and bank account information.
  2. Don’t leave credit cards or checkbooks lying around. Some experts say we are most likely to be victimized by friends and relatives. 
  3. Don’t put outgoing bills in your mailbox and never put the flag up for collection. This is a signal for thieves who can drive by and steal from your mailbox.
  4. Secure your home internet connection with encryption, especially if you do a lot of online shopping. 
  5. Don’t click on links in emails that come to you unsolicited from retailers. Most of these are phishes, or fraudulent emails, which will take you to a fake website where crooks can steal any information you enter.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Refrigerator hoses are common cause of serious water damage

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Melanie found a puddle of water on the kitchen floor, but discovered a much larger problem when she investigated. Going downstairs, she found water pouring out of the soffit, running down a wall and spilling everywhere. Half of the ceiling tiles were saturated and had fallen to the floor.  Melanie guesses that the refrigerator water hose had begun leaking 4-5 days before. The damage was extensive. Read move about this disaster and how you can avoid it!