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Safety Suggestions, Courtesy of the Accident Fund

Avoid Mower Hazards — Tips for Staying Safe this Summer


Machinery and tools used by groundskeepers each come with their own dangers. While lawn mowers seem relatively safe, they can be lethal in the hands of an inexperienced or careless operator. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 200,000 people are injured in lawn mower-related accidents each year.
The following safety tips will help keep employees safe while mowing: Before starting the mower

  • Read the manual. User manuals explain proper procedures that must be followed to ensure operator safety. Proper training should also be provided for anyone who will be operating a mower.
  • Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. Proper shoes, such as steel-toed boots, long pants and eyewear with impact-resistant lenses are a must. Earplugs and gloves are highly recommended. Dust masks may be used to prevent inhalation of dust and other air particles, but should not be used when working with chemicals, toxic gases or when there is an oxygen deficiency.
  • Clear the lawn before mowing. Objects can be thrown from a mower blade with significant force causing serious injury or death. Always clear your mowing path of sticks, rocks, toys, etc. Also, adjust your cutting height before starting the mower.
  • Check guards and shields. Be sure all protective devices are in place prior to starting the mower. Never remove the guards.
  • If the lawn is wet — wait!

Staying safe while mowing

  • Watch where you’re mowing. Never run mower over gravel, stones or hard, immovable objects, such as pipes, rocks or sidewalk edges.
  • Stay clear of the blade housing and the discharge chute. Never point discharge chute at others.
  • Do not fill the gas tank while the engine is running or hot. Always let the mower cool before adding fuel and be sure to do so outdoors.
  • Turn off the mower before making adjustments. Operators should never adjust or manipulate any part of the equipment while the mower is running.
  • Never allow extra riders on riding mowers. Extra riders can easily be thrown from or fall off the mower. They also distract the operator and can contribute to careless mistakes.
  • When leaving the seat, the operator should disengage the power take off, engage the brake, stop the engine and wait for all parts to stop moving before dismounting.
  • Do not use riding mowers on steep slopes. Operating a mower on uneven ground is the No. 1 cause of rollover accidents. Drive up and down slopes when operating a riding mower. Mow across the slope when using a walk-behind mower.

After mowing

  • Store gasoline outside or in a well-ventilated area away from any heat source.
  • Disconnect spark plug or power cord before working on your mower.
  • Regularly check and perform maintenance on your mower, including guards, tires, brakes, engine, etc.

Accident Fund is committed to providing our policyholders unrivaled WorkSafe Consulting Services and online safety materials.
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