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Warren is glad he’s back. REALLY glad he’s back.

This little story is from John Bell, one of our many great agents. There are a lot of ways that we bring value to our customers, but sometimes it just boils down to the fact that we can save you a lot of money. Such is the story of Warren. “Warren was a client of ours and last year and moved his polices to All*.  He called me a few weeks ago wanting a quote for his auto and condo. Said he was unhappy with the service and wanted to come back to Al Bourdeau Insurance.  I put together a package with Citizens.  When he called originally he did not have his current policy but last year his premium was $1,451/yr on the auto and $431 on the Condo.  My quote for the auto was $727/6 mo. or $1,054/yr  and $295 on the Condo.  The savings for both was $533 per year.  We set the appointment up last week and when he came in today, he brought his newly received auto renewal which now was $1,934.18!!  Now his total savings jumped to $1,016!!!!   He was very happy and said, “I should never have left”.  I told him that even though he left All*, he would still be in ‘good hands!’ “

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