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iPhone plunges to death from hot air balloon

Admittedly, “plunges to death” might be a little dramatic, but that is apparently but one example of the many unusual iPhone claims reported to U.K. gadget insurer ProtectYourBubble.   If you ask me, these explanations could just as easily have been offered up by kids as reasons for not turning in their homework assignments. I guess we just never grow up!

The top 10 most bizarre iPhone Claims from ProtectYourBubble:

1. I dropped it from a hot air balloon
2. I lost it while skydiving
3. It broke when my son used it as a table tennis racket
4. I lost it while building a sand castle for the kids
5. I accidentally buried it in the garden
6. It fell into the kettle
7. I dropped it in a food blender
8. My dog chewed it to pieces
9. Juice from a defrosting piece of meat leaked into it
10. It flew out of the car window

We do get frequent calls asking for gadgets like iPhone, and similar devices to be added to the homeowners policy. Sometimes this can be done. The cell phone providers often offer insurance plans at the time of purchase, but other less expensive alternatives exist. One thing to consider is that replacing a phone can be costly. For example, where you might pay $299 for a new iPhone4 with a two-year contract, you might need to pay the full retail price of $599 or $699 to replace a phone in the middle of the contract.

It’s at least worth reading about your options.

Of course, having us look at your home and auto insurance could save you enough to buy that new iPhone. Food for thought!

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