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Making a Payment


Customers are presented with a variety of ways to make a payment. All customers have the option to mail in their payment or pay in person. Select insurance companies offer additional services such as online payments and payments by telephone. Money-orders, checks, and credit-card payments are all accepted by Al Bourdeau.

A customer attempting to make a payment should:

  • Review their payment notice (which is either sent in the mail or by e-mail) and confirm the amount due.
  • If the customer is paying by credit card, he or she should bring the credit card and an identification card. If the customer is paying by check, the check should be addressed to either Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency or the company by which they are insured. If a customer wishes to pay with a money order, they must obtain the money order prior to payment.
  • If a payment is being made only days before an expiration date, it is advisable to bring the payment into an Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency location to assure the payment is received on time.

There are substantial discounts offered for premiums that are paid in full!!

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